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The city of Suluova, which we live in, is an important settlement area bearing the traces of thousands of years of historical past. It is the duty of our farmers to know the value of these lands that we inherited from our ancestors, and to process it with modern and scientific methods without harming it using the most advanced technologies.

Suluova Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1974 in accordance with the letter dated 22.12.1973 of the Ministry of Commerce with 119 members. Prior to this, the works related to the Chamber of Commerce were followed in Amasya, which created many difficulties in terms of business follow-up and led to the establishment of Suluova Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1974. Although it was a bridge between Amasya and Merzifon connecting Samsun to Ankara for the establishment of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it became a big city in a short time like 42 years although it was a district on 1 September 1957.

Our vision:
  • Researcher aspect;
  • Produces accurate information,
  • Developing healthy policies for the development of SuluOva in the light of this information,
  • Solution oriented approach to the problems of its members,
  • Owned by the business community,
  • Being a leading chamber of Commerce in the area.
Our mission: Within the framework of Law No. 5174 and related legislation; all kinds of services that will solve the problems of our members and meet their expectations in a way to contribute to the regional and national economy; to be aware of our social responsibility, to present them in a corporate structure with modern management understanding and at international standards.

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